If you don’t have any products when starting a new shop, it looks awful and confusing.

Yes, you need some dummy products to understand how it will look like. How to get them?

WooCommerce built-in features

a. Following the WooCommerce Wizard on a fresh installation, you can find the built-in feature: Import Demo Products with the Setup Wizard.

I found Woo Documentation a little bit unclear: the WooCommerce comes with different types of sample product files (csv, xml), but how can I add one of them in my newly WooCommerce store?

First, I downloaded the WooCoommerce plugin on my computer, unzipped it, and wonder how to import one of these files. No hint.

I run Setup Wizard – Personalize your store tab,

and hit the button Import Demo Products

Waiting a few seconds and… voila! 18 products were added to the new shop. Now it can be more appealing working on it.

The Demo Products come with a few meta data for each product: Attribute, Product Category and Regular price, Product description.

This method using setup Wizard is available just on a fresh and empty WooCommerce installation.

b. Import new products using Import Tool

You can use this tool on a fresh installation and when you already have a few products as well. Using this method you can choose what fields to import from CSV file.


c. Import new products using WordPress Importer


Import Products using Flatsome Wizard


What Importing Demo Products plugin adds more than the built-in WooCommerce built-in feature?