These days I dug more into the new G4 Analytics to learn how to implement it for one of the big websites I work for. Here’s what I learned:

I started with the video training provided on demand by a Google Account Strategist, but it was packed with so many details that I need. The most simple & explicit tutorial I found on

Following these materials, here’s what I learned:

  • GA3 & GA4 Analytics are totally different and G3 data can’t be imported into the new G4;
  • If I use the GA4 Assistant, it creates a new property that is not connected to the old GA3;
  • Instead of using GA4 Assistant, it is recommended to create a new property;
  • use the same container of Google Tag Manager for both old GA3 & new GA4;
  • There are a few basic settings after creating the new GA4 property:
    • change data retention from 2 months to 14 months;
    • import the domain on the Unwanted referrals list;
    • cross-domain tracking if needed (GA4 is available for subdomains, along with the main domain).
    • Checking Google Signals (Data Settings – Data Collections) is not useful for a website with small traffic, since thresholding may be applied if there are not enough total users.

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