For about 1 month, I’ve started to pay attention to accessibility. Here’s my learning journey as a web designer & web developer, working with WordPress

There are so many requirements and requirements, I am pretty confused about where to start and how to organize my workflow. That’s why I decided to start writing about my learning journey, to organize my thoughts, and to help others to learn with me along the way.

1. I started attending Equalize Digital online meetups and the first AMA session helped me to find a few answers

  • try using your websites from the perspective of others: use them with only a keyboard. I’d like to do that, but I haven’t found the tool yet.
  • Learning is an experience, not just attending a course, or following a checklist: learn by doing, exploring, and playing. Or by making audits.
  • Certifications are useful for clients, not for gaining experience. So, don’t start with taking a certification.

2. I started to follow the WordPress Accesibility Facebook group, where people interested in support for building disability-friendly websites can find support in comprehensive answers led by the accessibility experts.

3. A list of trustful sources I bookmarked:

4. Accesibility Helper Plugins (Amber Hids, Accesibility Meetup: Key Consideration for Accesibility in WordPress)

5. Browser extensions

  • Color Blind Simulator
  • TabOrder