This week has started with a few annoying errors summing up many hours of debugging, troubleshooting, and testing. On top of that, a huge amount of frustration for wasting my time and being unprofitable. As a healing process of this emotion of emptiness, I have decided to put down all these types of experiences. Maybe they will be useful for another lonely developer.

1. Management user Error

One admin user was locked out and received the message ‘Sorry, you cannot access this page’ (Screenshot bellow, using my native language)

Long story short, the user didn’t have assigned any role. I don’t know how and why this has changed.

The tricky part was that the user seemed to be active, but it wasn’t able to do anything. I forced it logging out using the security plugin already installed (All-in-One Security). And I assigned the role to it. In the following days, I’ll keep an eye on this case to understand why the role was deactivated out of the blue.

Wasting time on debugging: 1 hour.

2. Website Transfer error

A new very simple One-page website was transferred from staging to live using the All in One WP Migration plugin. The live website was very old with many plugins installed.

Lesson 1: this case helped me to learn that All-in-One WP Migration doesn’t replace completely the website files & data base. No! After migration, the upload files and the old plugins’ files were still there. My bad!

A new fresh WP install + a new empty database and a new transfer.

The error: After doing a few minor changes to the newly transferred website, I wasn’t able to save anything in the block editor. Saving was frozen as the screenshot below.

(Tested with the native theme – the same outcome.)

Trying to do some changes in the footer encountered another error.

The staging website didn’t encounter this error, so I sent the video screenshots to the hosting and I’m waiting for a solution.

L.E. It was a hosting error. Once the hosting provider upgraded the hosting package, the error didn’t persist.

3. Flywheel error (Windows 11 Operation System)

I tried to make a new WP installment on my local environment in order to test the beta-testing version of Kadence Blocks 3.0.

I encountered this error

I wasn’t the first WP Installment on my machine. So I did the updates, hoping the error will stop.

Not at all.

I tried another trick with the hope to overcome the error: duplicating the existing local website. It’s been 20 minutes since it’s working and it’s frozen. So, I deleted it.

L.E. I asked support for help and I received an (almost) instant answer in the chat:

  1. Export / backup your sites (Export option is available just for the activated website!)
  2. Reinstall the latest version of Local (6.6.1 version as of the time of writing this comment)
  3. Import your sites back into Local.

Here’s the answer in the Community forum for this error.

Now, the WordPress installment works for my machine using the 6.6.1 version of Local with Windows 11.

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