Working on a re-design project with Flatsome Theme, I encountered a very annoying issue: on the product page (custom layout), for some categories, the breadcrumbs trail was incomplete: the last child was missing.

  • At first, I assumed the issue was caused by the Yoast, but
  • I switched to the 2024 theme – the breadcrumb was complete
  • Back to Flatsome, I deactivated all the plugins one by one and nothing changed.
  • I switched the custom layout to the default layout – the same error.
  • The Breadcrumbs followed the theme
  • I use the same theme (the same products & categories) on the live website, and all the breadcrumbs show up without errors.
  • I deleted everything from functions.php and… finally a few of them appeared! But not all of them! :(
  • I commented on all the snippets, one by one, and I found a small code snippet related to widget categories order. When I added it, I forgot I already used Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order.
  • So, I deactivated the Category Order plugin + commented on the code snippet related to the widget categories order, and… voila! The breadcrumb trail is complete now!

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