Flatsome Blog uses just a few options in customizer to style it. One of the annoying things related to the blog post layout is the Title before images. Customizer doesn’t have an option for this feature (as of the version of doing this article 3.17.6).  In order to move the title after the feature image, we need to change the template file.

The file needed to be changed: /wp-content/themes/flatsome/template-parts/posts/partials/entry-header.php

In this file, we need to reverse the order of the Red div (wich is used for the title) with the Blue php code snippet (which is used for the featured image)

Add the modified file in the child-theme, following the same path: /wp-content/themes/flatsome-child/template-parts/posts/partials/entry-header.php

Here’s the final version:

Here’s how it looks like in the front end:

I also added some space (padding) in child-theme/style.css

.entry-header-text-top {
padding-top: 1.5em;



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