Custom WordPress Design & Development

Are you a WordPress agency and you’re looking for a freelance developer to outsource some projects?

Are you a designer / marketing specialist / content writer who wants a web developer partner to offer full-package services to your clients?

Are you a Kadence / Astra / Flatsome theme user and need a theme specialist help for your project?

I can help you with Custom WordPress Design & Development Projects on time & on a budget

A few words about me

I’m Lumi, a professional web designer & web developer based in Bucharest, Romania.

I’ve been designing and coding for almost 7 years as a freelancer, or as a team member in an agency in different roles: web developer, web designer, front-end developer, and project manager.

Tools I work with:

  • WordPress Themes: Kadence, Astra & Flatsome;
  • WordPress Builders: Kadence Blocks, Elementor, UX Builder;
  • Proficient with HTML & CSS (SASS) to add when needed;

My Work

Over the years, I’ve been working with small business owners and agencies, for re-design or newly brand projects

Nice Words

Here are just a few business people I’ve had the privilege to work with over the years

Luminita is a wonderful person and a highly skilled web developer. It’s been a great blessing to have her on the team at Agency Boon!
Ryan Crozier
Agency Boon

Luminita is a wonderful addition to any team, and extremely easy to work with. She is dedicated, precise, organised and a very skilled web developer. Her passion to organize things & craft processes was extremely important in our team’s time spent on projects, helping us decrease the number of hours spent per project, and helped set everything up so that everyone is on the same page, every time. It was a joy to work with her Agency Boon!
Alexandra giula
Agency Boon

Working with Luminita proved to me that there is always room for improvement. I learned new things, I saw new lights, colors, and aesthetic harmony. Most importantly, I saw how a real professional works at the design and implementation of a website. Luminita beats by far the results I got from working with much bigger teams. She is a true professional, never misses a detail, and her knowledge in programming and design is exquisite.
I hope I will have the chance to work with her again because it is an absolute joy, both the workflow and the end result.
manuel avramescu
Best of Transylvania